The 9in1 ultra pure filters

The 9in1 Ultra Pure KAMOKA filter has three progressive filtring layers which act as a multiple sieve. Arranged in layers, macro and microfilters absorb majority of the pollution, including dust, soot, pollen, smog microparticles larger than PM 2.5, microplastics, most bacteria and viruses that may increase allergy symptoms. Enriched with an activated carbon layer absorbs harmful pollutants from exhaust gases and unpleasant odors.

Nine protection functions of the 9in1 Ultra Pure filter help to ensure hygienic cleanliness of the air in the cabin and therefore improve driver’s comfort and even the most sensitive passengers (children, allergy sufferers, animals). Filtering the air effectively 9in1 Ultra Pure filter protects also the car elements responsible for clean air in the cabin (air conditioning, ducts, air vents).