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In addition to devices used for repairs, there is a need for a variety of chemicals...

In addition to devices used for repairs, there is a need for a variety of chemicals necessary to facilitate loosening of stuck connections, rust removal, lubrication and protection against the effects of rust, moisture, heat, as well as dirt from the roads. KAMOKA offers a wide range of KAMOKA Professional Line products as spray containers of a capacity of 400ml. These products should be used together with KAMOKA spare parts for repairs. PENETRATOR (1) A compound penetrating and lubricating agent. CLEANER (2) Cleans and degreases friction components of the braking and clutch systems. SILICON (3) A silicone-based agent. Preserves and protects the rubber and plastic components. COPPER (4) Copper based grease, designed for the lubrication of brake shoes and pads, levers, rods and brake springs. GRAPHITE (5) Waterproof grease containing graphite. LITHIUM (6) All purpose, water resistant grease used for rolling and sliding bearings. Due to the broad usage, these products are so versatile that they may be treated as the basic garage equipment for making mechanical repairs. Six core KAMOKA garage chemicals products are necessary equipment for any mechanic or tinkerer. For better identification they use simplified digital codes: 1,2 3,4,5 and 6, which are easy to remember when ordering. Additional, more specialized products will be systematically added in the future.