9in1 Ultra Pure Filters KAMOKA - new porduct on the market

Together with the increase of the air pollution also the interest in products helping to protect us from smog, microplastic, viruses and allergens increases in our clients. As an answer for such a demand we are happy to introduce to our offer 9in1 Ultra Pure Filters KAMOKA.  


3 progressive layers, 9 protective functions 

9in1 Ultra Pure Filter KAMOKA has 3 progressive filtrating layers which work as a multiple sieve. Interbeded macro and microfilters absorb the majority of the pollution, as for instance dust, soot, pollen, microparts of smog PM2.5, microplastic, a great part of bacteria and viruses which can intensify the allergy symptoms. Layer enriched with activated carbon absorbs harmful impurities from exhaust and othes unpleasant odours. 

9 protective functions of 9in1 Ultra Pure Filter KAMOKA help to ensure the hygienic cleanliness of air in the cabin so to improve the comfort of of the driver and the most sensitive passengers (children, people suffering from allegry, pets). By the effective clearing of the air the filter protects also responsible for clean air car elements such as air conditioning, wires and fans.  

Cabin filters – unappreciated part of safe driving  

It is worth reminding to workshops’ and automotive shops’ clients that the cabin filters should be replaced reularly in order to work effectively. The suggested period of replacement is every 15.000 km or, in case of very polluted regions, every 6 months.  

“Every hour the cabin filter filtres the amount of air corresponding to six trucks. We do not always remember about the importance of this small part of our car which affects not only the comfort, but also the safety of driving. A driver who inhales the polluted air in the cabin can experience the lower concentration and the allergy symptoms”- says Elżbieta Mudź, the Marketing Manager of KAMOKA.  

Products are available at KAMOKA’s distributors.