Intense beam of light, durable batteries, mounting magnets and adaptable shape of lamp to adjust the viewing angle to own needs; these are the features appreciated in workshop LED lamps by mechanics. All of them are applied in KAMOKA workshop LED lamps introduced in February 2020 on the Polish market.  

Durability, functionality and comfort of use 

KAMOKA has just started the sell of the workshop LED lamps which differ from one to another bythe size and parameters.  

Each lamp is provided with mounting magnets ensuring the possibility of fixation to metal when working, durable batteries (enabling at least 500 recharge cycles), protection against overloading and full discharge and hidden hooks. Waterproof and oil-resistant housing material ansures the lamps durability during everyday work. KAMOKA workshop LED lamps can work within a wide temperature range and have 2-year-warranty. What is more, majorityof KAMOKA workshop LED lamps have PowerBank function, USB wire and magnetic rotating base.  

Lamps for special tasks 

Reference 8030001 has divided light source with possibility of shape adaptation according to your neerd regarding viewing angle. Reference 8030004 has an additional function of warning triangle.  

“Introducing the workshop LED lamps into KAMOKA’s offer is another natural step on our way to the wider range of products. Every year we are introducing new products, not only the new references for cars, but also the items of workshop equipment” – says Łukasz Paradowski, Senior Brand Manager of KAMOKA.  

Products are available at KAMOKA’s distributors.