Diamantine KAMOKA - the prize from the Forbes Magazine

Entertrade, the owner od KAMOKA brand, has been esteemed in Forbes’ Diamonts ranking published in February 2020.

Dynamical development and business reliability

Entertrade Sp. z o.o. - S.K. has been distinguished in the ranking of medium-sized companies (revenue 50-250 mln PLN) what means the appreciation of the dynamical growth of its value compared to other medium-sized businesses in Poland. The company awarded with Forbes’ Diamonts must have obtained the positive rating of credibility and risk of co-opertion, be characterised by high current liquidity and not having delays regarding payments, but also positive financial result and the value of equity capital.

Strategy which pays off

„Being rewarded in such a prestigious ranking is a confirmatio of the fact that also the external bodies appreciateour results which constitute the effect of consequently introduced strategy consisting in regular expansion of the assortment and takig care of the satisfaction of our clients who want to buy durable products of high quality in an affordable price” –say Tomasz Kępiński, CEO of Entertrade Sp. z o. o.

In 2020 Entertrade is going to continue the strategy by introducing new products which, undoubtly, will be appreciated by KAMOKA’s current and future clients.

Additional information regarding the methodology of creating Forbes’ Diamonts ranking can be found on: https://www.forbes.pl/diamenty/2020/artykuly/diamenty-forbesa-2020-metodologia-rankingu/hq37d5l