Hybrid wipers - new assortment

Hybrid wipers from KAMOKA – Japanese technology

The KAMOKA assortment is extended by new products. The Polish market has just received hybrid wipers, praised by users for more effective and quiet operation in comparison with traditional wipers. Japanese car manufacturers very often use this solution for the first assembly.


What does a hybrid give us?

Hybrid wipers are a combination of classic wipers with a U-type fastening and hingeless wipers. Their aerodynamic structure and the use of spoilers make it possible to reduce the noise generated by the air flowing around the windscreen wiper while driving, and at the same time increase the pressure on the windscreen, which improves the effectiveness of its cleaning.


Quality is important

Metal structural elements of KAMOKA hybrid wiper have been galvanically coated with a layer of zinc to provide them with protection against corrosion and greater durability.

Rubber elements of wiper blades are made of natural caoutchouc, resistant to large temperature changes. Manufacturing technology delivers efficiency up to 1 million operation cycles, and the precision cut edge removes even the tiniest drops of water from the glass.

Thanks to the universal construction, KAMOKA hybrid wipers can be mounted both in cars with the steering wheel on the left and right side.

Automotive enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the fact that the wipers, in addition to improving safety and comfort, have an aesthetic design, which positively affects the appearance of the car.


Wide range of products

KAMOKA offer includes windscreen wipers with lengths from 350 to 650 mm. It is worth remembering that adjusting the length of the wipers to the original one, applied by the car manufacturer, is very important for the effectiveness of their operation.

The products are already available from distributors of the KAMOKA brand.